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The ultimate packing list an all-inclusive yacht charter

Wondering how to pack for your upcoming yacht charter? Now that your trip is booked, your itinerary and meals are all set. The last thing left is to get prepared! To make it easier for you, we’ve put together the ultimate packing list for an all-inclusive sailing trip with us.

The ultimate packing list an all-inclusive yacht charter

Here is the packing list we recommend for your trip. If you have specific questions, please consult the captain of your yacht. First, let’s start with the essentials.

Must-haves for your sailing trip

To ensure a comfortable stay to be prepared, there are some things that are necessary to bring with you:

  • Passport

  • Cash, credit cards and an ATM card - by comparison to the US, few vendors accept cards. Both the British and US Virgin Islands use the US Dollar (smaller bills are best).

  • Swimwear and cover-ups - With great weather nearly year-round, you will be spending a lot of time in your bikini or board shorts. Get a tan that your coworkers are jealous of.

  • Hat - Perfect for protection from the sun, keeping cool, and taking cute selfies!

  • Sunglasses - Between overhead sun and light reflecting off the water, these are essential. Polarized lenses work best with the bright sun and reflection on the water.

  • Athletic shoes or trainers for active days ashore - Between shopping in the city or going on hikes, there is lots of exploring to do. And trust us, you’ll want comfortable shoes! Your feet will thank you later.

  • Casual, quick-drying clothes for jaunts ashore such as shorts and t-shirts - During the day, the islands have an easy-going casual dress code.

  • One or two outfits for a nice dinner ashore - For ladies this means a casual dress or shorts & blouse and for men this means collared shirts.

  • Light sweater or long-sleeve shirt - Things can cool off quickly on the water and the evenings can get breezy and chilly. It’s also great for early morning coffee on the deck.

  • Lightweight rain jacket - We recommend these because they are most often used as a windbreaker.

  • Reef-Safe sunscreen and after-sun creams - Look for non-oily cream types that won’t stain the decks are best. Don’t use spray-on sunscreen or oil as they tend to get everywhere and make the deck slippery and greasy.

  • Personal toiletries and medications - Bring whatever toiletries and medications are part of your regular daily routine.

Electronics to pack for a sailing trip

Most of our yachts have both 110V AC power (US standard) and 12V DC power. Outlets are American-style 3 prong. Again, we recommend double-checking the specific ship you are sailing with to help you prepare.

  • Splash proof container or case for phones - Get that shot for Instagram without worrying about losing your phone to the water. If you’re sharing on social media, be sure to tag us @sailplaydine so we can see your photos!

  • Camera - Capture memories of your trip and bring an extra memory card, just in case.

  • Extra batteries or charger for your electronics - This will be handy while ashore.

  • Kindle, iPad, magazines or books - Bring the novels you’ve been putting off reading, you have nothing but time on the water.

Account for seasickness

Seasickness can happen and some people are more susceptible to motion sickness than others.

Prevention is the key, and the crew is there to help you stay happy and healthy aboard. Let your captain know if you are concerned about being sick. You also have the option to talk to your doctor about a prescription or other preventative measures. Ginger chews and Dramamine are common remedies.

Helpful to pack for a yacht charter vacation, but not necessary

Now that we have the necessities out of the way, here are the things we believe are helpful to bring along but not necessary:

  • A headlamp or small flashlight – This is for dark dinghy docks.

  • Snorkeling gear - We already have 6 sets on board, but you may prefer your own if you already have it.

  • Dry bag - Depending on the adventure you have planned this is handy to keep your belongings dry.

What NOT to bring for an all-inclusive yacht charter

Storage space is at a premium onboard and in your cabin. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to not pack more than what you need for the length of your stay. Towels and linens are provided.

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We hope you found this packing list helpful. Find your dream yacht and book your vacation now.

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