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5 things you must see in the British Virgin Islands

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

5 things you must see in the British Virgin Islands

What do you get when you combine pristine white sand beaches, colorful wildlife, rain forests, colonialism, and a rich local heritage? If you answered the Virgin Islands, you’re correct!

Today we’re going to share 5 things you must see on your visit to the Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands must-see #1: Go Diving at Rhone National Marine Park

Rhone National Marine Park is an underwater park (the only park of its kind in the BVI), making it a go-to dive spot for intermediate and advanced divers alike. Swim among beautiful sea life like tropical fish, eels, turtles, and even octopus as you make your way to the wreckage site of the RMS Rhone.

British Virgin Islands must-see #2: Lay on the beach on Cooper Island

White sand, turquoise blue water, and lush palm trees—what more could you want from a Caribbean beach?! The beaches here are considered some of the most beautiful in the world and it’s easy to see why. If sitting still isn’t really your thing, get into the water with a snorkel and some flippers and look for colorful sea life like fish and coral.

Relax on Cooper Beach

Want our tip? Stick around for the sunset, the views are not to be missed.

British Virgin Islands must-see #3: Go hiking in Sage Mountain National Park

If you’re feeling the need to balance leisurely beach time with something more active, consider visiting Sage Mountain National Park in Tortola for hiking on one of the 12 hiking loops. Not only will you get to check out the lush native flora and fauna, you can take in views from multiple vantage points of the Virgin Islands.

Tortola British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands must-see #4: Visit Cow Wreck Beach

Did this unusual name make your ears perk up?

Cow wreck beach bar

It turns out this wasn’t a random name thought up to attract curious tourists. It gets its name from a ship accident that happened in 1929. A large freighter containing a cargo full of cow bones for fertilizer became shipwrecked while traveling through Horseshoe Reef. As a result, all of the cow bones became largely scattered all over the ocean floor. Despite its unfortunate origins, locals have come to embrace the bizarre history and you can now stroll the beach or have a drink at the famous Cow Wreck Beach bar.

British Virgin Islands must-see #5: Go swimming at The Baths National Park

You will want to bring a waterproof case for your phone to capture this photogenic site in the British Virgin Islands.


Located in Virgin Gorda, The Baths are a must-see spot due to its notable beauty. What makes this bay so unique is how it is scattered with giant granite boulders, creating sea pools worth exploring. It is a perfect spot for snorkeling or even wading.


This list is just a handful of options available to you during your trip to the Virgin Islands. At Sail Play Dine, we help you put together your dream yacht charter vacation. When you travel by a chartered yacht, you get unique vantage points and insider knowledge from the captain and crew. Contact us and we can discuss your ideal destination, preferences, budget, who will be joining you, and what you would like to see and do.

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